6th Annual Optics Expo & Book Launch

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Fri May 3 06:56:11 EDT 2002

Ontbirders -

    Pelee Wings 6th Annual Optics Expo

    Saturday May 11th & Sunday May 12th  10am - 6pm

    636 Point Pelee Drive, Leamington   2 km from the Park

The 6th annual "Optics Expo" takes place once again next 
week-end to showcase the best of birding binoculars and scopes.
Field test 100's of birding optics outdoors on the waterfront 
to compare features and benefits.  Manufacturers reps will be 
present to assist from the following Sports Optics Companies -

      Swarovski     Leica      Pentax

   Swift     Bushnell / Bausch & Lomb

Each company will be offering "Show Specials" for this expo.  
Book signing Sunday 2-5pm by Mary Celestino for the new release 
"Wildflowers of the Canadian Erie Islands".  Once again 
Pelee Wings and the Optics Companies will donate $1,000. to a 
conservation project after the event.


This message of interest to birders has been pre-approved 
by Ontbirds.

Good birding -

Michael Malone

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