Kingston Field Naturalists Regional Sightings for Week Ending May 3, '02

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Fri May 3 04:56:20 EDT 2002

This report to the OntBirds system is based on sightings from the Kingston
Region that have been brought to the compiler's attention over the past

Map Page numbers and location Quadrants noted in square brackets [...] below
are for named sites. They refer to the MapArt Publishing "Ontario Road
Atlas, 2000 Edition".

Map Page numbers and Quadrants in Open Brace brackets {.....} below are for
locations requiring more detail. They refer to MapArt Deluxe Street Atlas of
Eastern & Northern Ontario, 1st Edition. CHANGE FROM Pointed Brackets <...>
TO Open Brace is due to problems when copied to HMTL web sites.

This is a copy of the May 3, '02 KFN Phone Line Announcement, with added
detail for locations:

AMHERST I. [page 36, quad E54 &55]

>From Paul Mackenzie on April 29th: "2 BLACK TERNS with 200 BONAPARTE'S GULLS
and all the common SWALLOWS (one BANK and one CLIFF) feeding on emerging
insects off the south shore of KFN property. Also 25 BRANT flew by, and a
pair of CANADA GEESE had goslings in the water."


>From Paul Mackenzie on April 29: "One female RUDDY DUCK and 30 SHOVELERS
among the ducks at the Amherstview Lagoons."

FOOT of the RIDEAU TRAIL (Cataraqui Bay Marshlands C.A.) [page 36, quad
D56], {page 47, quad P13 & N13}

April 29, Paul Mackenzie reported a PALM WARBLER.


At Cartwrig0ht Point, Faith Avis saw a GRAY CATBIRD by her house on Oriole
Lane {page 49, quad M & N 21} on May 2.

Paul Mackenzie reported for Apr. 29: "BLACK-THROATED GREEN & PINE WARBLERS
at Parrots Bay [page 36, quad D54] and 1 RED-NECKED GREBE past Parrots Bay
on the Lake edge."

Albert Boisvert and Maureen Riggs birded in the Kingston Region on Apr. 27.
They reported: At the Craigen Rd marsh, [page 35, quad C52] 2 SORAS, at
Canoe Lake Rd. & Rose Lane, [page 48, Z56 & A 56] the LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH
is back. Within 10 seconds of the tape it was there with wonderful views. On
the Canoe Lake Rd, about 4/5 km before gravel road turns to paved, south
bound - played 3 seconds of RED-SHOULDERED HAWK and one came bursting out &
circled overhead in bright sun, wonderful view. On the Opinicon Rd., [page
36, quad A56 & 57] east end; PINE & BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLERS and another
RED-SHOULDERED HAWK at entrance to Queens Biological Station. On the Road
from Godfrey to Canoe Lake [page 36, quad A55] at the sand banks on the left
side of road, - lots of BANK SWALLOWS.

Compiled by Bob Sachs, Kingston ON
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"Bob Sachs" <rsachs at>

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