Piping Plover 7am -9:30 am still at Darlington P.P. as well as other interesting birds

Tyler Hoar thoar at rogers.com
Fri May 3 13:56:53 EDT 2002

The Piping Plover is still on the beach this morning. However she (yes it is
a female, banded in Michigan and fledged 2 chicks last year) is at the
western side of the beach foraging out of the wind. She seems to be much
more nervous then when I located her on May 1st . So please observe this
bird from a safe distance and allow it to forage.

Other birds in the area this morning

52 Brant in a raft offshore.
70 Little Gulls between Second marsh and Darlington Provincial Park. Numbers
should continue dropping daily.
5600 Bonaparte's gulls mostly in several large rafts 1-2 km offshore from
Oshawa Harbour to the east side of the park.
Canvasback-1, Lesser Scaup, Pintails among other waterfowl species in the
Second Marsh
Common Goldeneyes ( mostly immature males) Buffleheads, Red-breasted
Mergansers, Long-tailed Ducks and Common Loons off the beach at Darlington.

 Exit from the 401 at the Harmony Rd. Exit in Oshawa. Go
south to Colonel Sam Drive. Go east on Colonel Sam Drive to the parking lot
at the GM. Headquarters. Park in the nw parking lot closet to the second
marsh. The east platform is located here.

To see the Piping plover proceed either along the path from the parking lot
south to the lakeshore than east to the
Barrier Beach in Darlington Provincial park. The bird was last seen on the
far east end of the barrier beach. Or park just past the GM office beside
the west gate of the park. proceed to the se corner of McLaughlin Bay to the
boathouse.The trail immediately adjacent to the bay is WET this time of
year. So travel the main road and follow the second right turn towards the
lake. +

"Tyler Hoar" <thoar at rogers.com>

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