Prairie Warbler at Rondeau Park

Blake Mann boatmann at
Sat May 4 15:32:39 EDT 2002

Hi birders,
More birders than birds, but we did have a couple of decent sightings today.
Best was a very co-operative male PRAIRIE WARBLER along the south end of
South Point Trail.  This was just the west end of the washout area near the
Other birds:
South Point trail:  Black-throated Blue Warbler (1), Nashville w. (2), Palm
w. (1), Yellow-rumped W. (4), Ovenbird (1-tired), Bluewinged W. (2), Wood
Thrush (2), Warbling Vireo (1), White-crowned Sparrow (2),
Tulip Tree Trail:  Black-throated Green W. (1), Yellow-rumped (2),
Black-and -White W. (1).
 Spicebush Trail:  Blueheaded Vireo (1), Veery (1)
Pony Barn area (log pond):  Louisiana Waterthrush (1), Palm W. (1), Solitary
Sandpiper (3).
Marsh Trail:  Green Heron (1), Sora Rail (1), Virginia Rail (1), Greater
Yellowlegs (1)
Lots of Yellow Warblers and Common Yellowthroats throughout park.
One Goshawk over maintenance area.
Blake  A.  Mann,
Chatham-Kent, Ont.
email:  boatmann at

"Blake Mann" <boatmann at>

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