Yellow Rail & Loggerhead Shrikes @ Carden Plain

Sat May 4 22:40:15 EDT 2002

Hello there!!

 This morning, Sat. May 4, 2002 Stan Bajurny and I went up to Carden Plain to
try and find the Yellow Rail reported previously and in this endeavor we were

 At 5:09 am during the chorus of Whip-poor-wills, A. Woodcock, C. Snipe, A.
Bitterns, Ruffed Grouse, Virginia Rails, Sedge Wrens, many Swamp Sparrows, and
even a pack of Coyotes we heard the Yellow Rail call twice right beside the road

at the Sedge Wren Marsh on Wylie Road. The bird was located on the west side of
the road about 75 ft north of the bridge.

 Later after it was light we traveled a short distance south of the marsh to the

area of the Bluebird box #10 and again a chorus greeted us and this was from
mainly Brown Thrashers (we saw and heard 37 thrashers ) and E. Meadowlarks. We
were not even out of our auto when we spotted the first Loggerhead Shrike.
straight out from box #10 on the west side of Wylie Road. After exiting the auto

we only had time to walk the 10 ft or so to the fence and we had 3 Loggerhead
Shrikes in view and it was only 6:20 am.

 An unusual sighting (besides Dennis) was a total of 13 C. Ravens with one noisy

group containing 9 of these birds. All of the Ravens were above the Sedge Wren
Marsh. Birds not seen or heard even though we tried hard to locate them were
Grasshopper and Clay-colored Sparrows  but we did have 9 sparrow species up


 As I have been on the go since midnight please contact me privately for now and

I will supply directions (I haven't typed them up yet).

Norm Murr
Richmond Hill, ON


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