Pomarine Jaeger in Renfrew County

Chris cmichener at renc.igs.net
Wed Jun 12 19:59:19 EDT 2002

Hello birders,

An adult Pomarine Jaeger is on Lake Dore tonight, Wednesday the 12th.  It
is flying around, picking up bits of food that the gulls willing drop on
the water.  It is a big, powerful and impressive bird.  It flies around
frequently, so if at first you don't see it, wait a little while.  Sitting
on the water, its dark back and cap in contrast with its white front and
neck really show up at a distance.

Twenty-two Common Loons were counted and good numbers of Common Terns as
well as several dozen gulls.

Take Hwy 41 north from Eganville 6-8 km., then turn west on Point Church
Rd.  There are different vantage points along this cottage road for viewing
the Lake.  Try the break in the trees from 838 Point Church Rd.  The view
here is best in the morning with the sun behind you.  Or try the other side
of the lake at the picnic and boat launch, Biederman Park.  This is off
Lake Dore Rd (County Rd 30) which runs between Golden Lake and Hwy 41 and
meets 41 at the north end of the lake just north of the Snake River bridge.

Good Luck
Chris Michener
Golden Lake, Renfrew County

Region 26 Coordinator
Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas

Pembroke Area Field Naturalists:

cmichener at renc.igs.net (Chris)

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