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Bruce DiLabio bruce.dilabio at sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 6 10:05:47 EDT 2002

Hi Everyone
        Yesterday, July 5th , I again birded a number of sewage lagoons
east of Ottawa. There was a slight  increase in south bound shorebirds
but the water levels remain  high with very little exposed mud.  A
number of the lagoons had recently hatched broods of Mallards,
Blue-winged Teal and Northern Pintails.  The most interesting
observations were the following:  At Alfred, 9 Ruddy Ducks, 3 Virginia
Rail and 1 Sora.  At St. Isidore, 1 Ruddy Duck, 2 Sora, and 1 Lesser
Yellowlegs. At Casselman and High Falls Conservation Area, 14 Ruddy
Duck, 9 Lesser Yellowlegs and 1 Willow Flycatcher. At Embrun, 6 Ruddy
Duck, 1 Sora, 1 Greater Yellowlegs, and 1 Wilson's Phalarope.  If you
require more information please email me privately.
                                            good birding
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