Greater Yellowlegs in Petrolia

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Sun Jul 7 20:40:55 EDT 2002

While atlassing our square in Petrolia last Thursday, we noticed a Greater
Yellowlegs and a Semipalmated Sandpiper in the L. Henderson Conservation
area. There is a slough in the East side of the lagoons in the park, beside
the main hiking trail, that should be very good for migrants soon, if you
don't mind walking for fifteen minutes to get to it.

A tufted titmouse came out and sang to us on the road immediately west of
the conservation area known as Plowing Match Road, right at the Bear Creek

Henderson Conservation area is found in the west end of Petrolia, on
Petrolia line, which intersects highway 21 at the east end of town. The
Plowing Match Road is your next left after the Conservation Area, and the
Bridge is only a few hundred meters south of Petrolia Line.

Good Birding.


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