White-winged Dove Chatham Kent

Mark Cranford Mark.Cranford at ofo.ca
Sun Jul 7 23:09:37 EDT 2002

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This morning at 715 to 725  I found a white-winged dove along theTown =
Line in Chatham Kent just north of the St Clair N.W.A.This bird was =
sitting on the wires and preening.    It was still there when I left and =
approximately three hours later when I returned a dove flew off the =
wires  and into the N.W.A. area by the buildings.I thought it could have =
been the white-winged.   =20
    401 to exit 81 north on Bloomfield Rd. to River View,west on this to =
Prairie Siding,turn right on Reg.Rd. 35 Jacob Rd,then left on Maple tto =
the Town Line,follow this to the St Clair N.W.A.
Don Perks
dperks0531 at rogers.com

Mark Cranford
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