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Mon Jul 15 14:47:36 EDT 2002

Hi to all
     I imagine you all have heard about Mac McAlpine's'es sighting last 
evening of the WWDove.
     I am a fine one to talk as I have e yet to try for the bird. But at the 
risk of seeming to be presumptuous, it seems from the data we have received 
to date from all sources and at various times of the day that the dove  - to 
now anyway- has the following routine.
     Roosts in trees not far from the road to the east of the road just 
south of the Bridge. Appears from time to time on the wires near the bridge 
or  further to the south between 730am and 930 am, perhaps after feeding 
early. Flies south and/ or west for the day, feeding ?????  In late pm 
arrives back near the roost site, may or may not  appear on the wires near 
there, then goes to roost again in trees just to the east of the road.
     This may be way off base but I'm going to try this one of these days. 
It seems that a careful quiet watch near the bridge in the am or in the 
evening could be productive. Hope the bird stays for a  while. But it does 
seem to like that spot. Good luck to all including myself. Cheers, Tom 

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