Probable BARN OWL at La Salle- July 14th

Brandon Holden skholden at
Mon Jul 15 21:45:49 EDT 2002

    Yesterday, July 14th, I was at a Wedding at the Pavillion at La Salle
Park in Burlington. I was standing outside talking to realitives when a
white-undersided Owl, slightly smaller than a Ring-billed gull, Flew past me
at 10:56pm. By the flight style, size and colour the only bird I can think
that it was is a Barn Owl.  But considering the short look I had (and poor
Look) I can't be 100% certian.

I will look for it again tomarrow morning, and hopefully I will see it

Good Birding

Brandon Holden

Directions: LaSalle Park, Aldershot - Hwy. 403 from Hamilton to Toronto or
Plains Rd. (Burlington) northeast to Waterdown Rd. / LaSalle Park Rd., right
(east) to end of LaSalle Park Rd. at Hamilton Harbour. Can also be reached
by taking North Shore Blvd. southwest along Hamilton Harbour from QEW Exit

"Brandon Holden" <skholden at>

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