Hooded Warbler on Pinery's Riverside Trail

Blake A. Mann boatmann at kent.net
Tue Jul 16 14:59:48 EDT 2002

Hi July Birders,
I birded Pinery Provincial Park and Ipperwash Beach today.  The most
interesting sighting was a singing male Hooded Warbler on Riverside Trail in
the park.  I know they've been seen in the south end of the park, but this
is my first sighting along this trail.  Also had a Yellow-throated Vireo
along the river.
Other birds included Titmice on every trail, a male Purple Finch near the
Visitor Centre, Pine Warblers on Wilderness Trail, and Chestnut-sided
Warbler on Nipissing trail.
I had a male Blackburnian Warbler (possible nesting?) on June 27 on
Bittersweet Trail, but could not locate that species this morning.
I checked out Ipperwash Beach this morning at 8 am., and had most the
shorebirds Alf mentioned, including about 20 Least Sandpipers, 3
Semipalmated Sandpipers, 1 Baird's, 1 Pectoral, and 6 Sanderlings, plus many
Spotted.  I did not see the Jaeger either.
Pinery Park is along Highway 21 south of Grand Bend in north Lambton Co.
Blake  A.  Mann,
Chatham-Kent, Ont.
email:  boatmann at kent.net
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