10 TURKEY VULTURES west of Newcastle

Markus J. Lise markusonmill at speedline.ca
Tue Aug 6 21:23:20 EDT 2002

Hi Fellow Birders,

I sighted 9 TURKEY VULTURES soaring up in the sky just north of the 401
between Highway 115/35 and Cobbledick Rd. west of Newcastle around 1100
hours this morning.  I sighted 1 TURKEY VULTURE on Columbus Rd. eating a
Raccoon on the road north of Oshawa.

I had 2 families of BALTIMORE ORIOLES at the sugar water feeders outside of
my window today.

Directions:  Highway # 401 between Highways # 115/35 and Newcastle.  Take
Mill St. S. exit off Highway # 401 south and for Columbus Rd. take Simcoe
St. north of Oshawa.

Markus J. Lise
Newcastle, On.

"Markus J. Lise" <markusonmill at speedline.ca>

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