Port Stanley Whooper Swan Update

Andrew S. Ross andysross at rogers.com
Wed Aug 7 21:54:52 EDT 2002

Hello Again,
After receiving many e-mails concerning the Whooper Swans at the Port 
Stanley Sewage Lagoons, I decided to go back for another look. From 7:00 pm 
to 8:30 pm, the birds were actively feeding on aquatic plants, preening, 
and not so actively sleeping. I was able to get considerably better closeup 
photos using the digi-scoping method. Those photos can be found at the 
bottom of the message (they are worth checking out). Several people have 
let me know that the birds do not have leg bands of any kind. I was also 
able to talk to a couple local folk who claim the birds have been there at 
least two weeks, and they have not heard of anyone missing Swans. If these 
birds are escapees, they have gone back to their wild ways.

Directions to the Lagoons:
Going South on Hwy 4, turn right on Warren Street (there is a baseball 
field and skateboarding park on this corner). Continue straight on Warren 
Street, over the bridge. You will come to a stop sign. Continue straight 
after this sign, up a winding gravel road for about 1 km. You will then see 
a gravel road named Scotch Line. Turn right on Scotch Line and the Lagoons 
are 1 km on the left. The Swans are in the fourth lagoon, easily seen on 
the second observation deck.


Andrew Ross
London, Ontario
andysross at rogers.com   

"Andrew S. Ross" <andysross at rogers.com>

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