Rondeau /Erieau

ric rmcarthu at
Fri Aug 9 00:56:11 EDT 2002

While boating along the western sand spit at Rondeau, at the Erieau 
channel, we saw the following shorebirds:
semi palmated plover
black bellied plover
least sandpiper
semi palmated sandpiper
white rumped sandpiper
spotted sandpiper
ruddy turnstone
greater yellow legs
lesser yellow legs
Fair number of gulls and terns: great black back, herring , bonaparts, 
ringbill, caspian tern, foresters and common tern.
Some of the birds can be seen from the commercial boat basin at Erieau.

Ric McArthur
Take hwy 401 to hwy 40 exit, south to Blenheim, west on hwy 3 to Erieau 
road south to the docks.

ric <rmcarthu at>

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