Verner lagoon still active - Buff-breasted Sandpiper

Richard Tafel rtafel at
Sun Aug 11 00:26:49 EDT 2002

As intimated in my last missive last week, new birds are dropping into the
presently just right Verner lagoon; most recently 11 species are present.
    A very rare for around here Buff-breasted Sandpiper has now shown up in
the northerly cell. Most of the time it was partly hidden within drier
grasses just at the edge of the easterly side, but it did come out into the
mud at least once on Sat. aft. Short-billed Dowitchers have put in an
appearance, also, but the Black-bellied Plover, Western Sandpiper and
Red-necked Phalarope seem to have gone.
    But - who knows what to-morrow will bring?
    The Verner lagoon is just south-east of that village, which is one-half
way between Sudbury and North Bay along Highway # 17. One should go down
(south) highway 64 (?) through town, across the bridge and turn left (east)
at the first road (Olivier ?). Go about one  mile along this dirt road just
past a small drainage ditch to a lightly used roadtrail; then south along it
through farm fields about one-half mile to an easy to cross gate. Up above
it are two lagoon cells the southerly one being currently active with
    Yours etc.  Dick Tafel,  North Bay, 705 472-7907

Richard Tafel <rtafel at>

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