Fw: Powssan Lagoon Shorebirds

Martin Parker mkparker at onlink.net
Sun Aug 11 17:55:16 EDT 2002

.Steve O'Donnell of Sundridge visit the Powassan Sewage Lagoon this
afternoon.  He found amongst the many shorebirds 1 Stilt Sandpiper and 1
Baird's Sandpiper.  We visited the lagoon after supper and observed both the
species found by Steve.  There were 11 species of shorebirds present along
with a a variety of waterfowl in the evening.

The lagoons are on the west side of Highway 11 north of the Clark Street
interchange to Powsassan.  As you are southbound they are south of the
Highway's Maintenance garage.  There is a driveway entrance off the highway.

Kathy and Martin Parker
South River
mkparker at onlink.net

"Martin Parker" <mkparker at onlink.net>

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