Nonquon SL - W. and Stilt Sandpiper- Red-necked and Wilson's Phalarope

Maris Apse apsemaris at
Mon Aug 26 10:28:13 EDT 2002

Hi all!
    After yesterday's OFO field trip dispersed at Schomberg, I decided to go 
east and had a great hour and a half at the Port Perry SL.
    All the Phalaropes were in the west(large square) lagoon, as was the 
Western Sandpiper. The Stilt S. was in the east lagoon at the far(south) 
end. There were also several Short-billed Dowitcher, Least and Semi-palmated 
Sandpiper, Semi-palmated Plover and Killdeer, Gr. and L. Yellowlegs and a 
few Spotted Sandpiper, rounding out the shorebirds.
    A female Harrier, occasionally put up some of the many Bonaparte's 
Gulls. A few Black Terns, both Green and Blue-winged Teal, some Ruddy Ducks 
and 2 Trumpeter Swans added to my enjoyment.

    Port Perry/Nonquon lagoons are located on Concession #8 between Hwy#7/12 
and Simcoe St. The gate is at the eastern end and the lock is operational. 
You get the number when you get the permit.
                      Cheers!   Maris Apse

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