Ottawa - Whimbrel, R-N Phalarope, Great Egret, Stilt, Bairds, etc.

Tony Beck beck.tony at
Mon Aug 26 12:35:28 EDT 2002

Hi Ontbirders

Birding at Ottawa Beach this morning produced one Whimbrel, plus an
assortment of other common shorebirds (Inc. Greater & Lesser Yellowlegs,
Least & Spotted Sandpiper).

At Shirley's Bay this morning there were excellent viewing conditions (with
the exception of persistent gun fire from the military ranges - so bad, you
could smell the gun powder)
Of interest were the following:
1 - Red-necked Phalarope
47 - Short-billed Dowitchers
5 - Stilt Sandpipers
2 - Baird's Sandpipers
62 - Semipalmated Sandpipers
2 - Least Sandpipers
21 - Lesser Yellowlegs
5 - Semipalmated Plovers
4 - Killdeer
2 - Spotted Sandpiper
1 - Great Egret
2 - Merlin (terrorizing the shorebirds)

Virtually all the shorebirds at Shirley's Bay were juveniles with the
exception of 2 Lesser Yellowlegs and one Semipalmated Plover (Killdeer ages


DIRECTIONS TO OTTAWA BEACH (Andrew Hayden Park east): From Ottawa take Hwy.
417 west, turn north on Bayshore Drive, continue to Carling Ave. Turn right
(west) on Carling. Shortly after the Carling/Bayshore intersection, turn
right, into a small parking area with nearby play structures (Andrew Hayden

DIRECTIONS TO SHIRLEY'S BAY: From Ottawa take Hwy. 417 west, turn north
(right) on the Moodie
Drive exit. Continue to Carling Ave. Turn left at Carling Ave. and
follow Carling to Rifle Road. Turn right (north) on Rifle Rd. Park at the
lot at the end (boat launch). Walk back to the road, and continue
through the gate on the Department of National Defence property. There is a
trail on your right (clearly marked with vehicle "No Entry" signs) which
heads into the woods, and, eventually to the dyke.

OFFICE BEFORE ENTERING THE DYKE AREA-- Call (613) 991-5740 and request
permission to visit the dyke area for birding.

"Tony Beck" <beck.tony at>

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