White Pelican , Sora-- Hamilton

Bullock Family bullock at primus.ca
Tue Aug 27 15:18:15 EDT 2002

We observed the pelican last night from 1815-1915 hrs. from the south shore
trail as previously posted.  He was actually along the northshore, about 200
metres west of the marsh observation tower on the north shore.  There were
35-40 swans for added challenge.

The shorebirds are not recognizable from the south trail and the pelican can
be seen with binoculars.  The tower would perhaps be a better spot; it's an
excellent scope platform.
The sora was along the south shore at  West Pond amongst the reeds.

The woodland along the south shore trail was teeming with common woodland
birds:  yellow warblers, cedar waxwings , orchard orioles, flycathers,
downey and hairy woodpeckers, white breasted nuthatches, rose breasted
grosbeak.  (Arnott's Point area)

Directions:  Cootes Paradise is west of the 403 as one enters Hamilton.  The
trail system, including the towers, are well marked on the Royal Botanical
Gardens maps along the trail.
The northshore trail is accessed from the "arbortetum" part of the RBG off
Old Guelph Rd.
(one road west of highway 6, the "new guelph road")

Fran & Wayne Bullock,
bullock at primus.ca

"Bullock Family" <bullock at primus.ca>

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