Long-tailed Jaegers at Van Wagners Beach

Dobos,Rob [Burlington] Rob.Dobos at ec.gc.ca
Wed Aug 28 20:51:41 EDT 2002

This evening (Wed.) at 6:50 pm, Dave Don and I had a Long-tailed Jaeger
being harassed by two Parasitic Jaegers off Van Wagners Beach in Hamilton.
All three were juvenile light morph birds.  We had them in view over a 15
minute period, and the Parasitics relentlessly went after the Long-tailed
the whole time, eventually forcing it down to the water.  The birds were
well over kilometre off shore, but despite the considerable distance, the
viewing conditions were very good, and we had nice comparisons of the
differences in size and proportions between the two species.  An excellent

Earlier in the day, Bob Stamp had an adult Long-tailed Jaeger here between
11:00-11:35 am.

There were at least three Red-necked Phalaropes off shore as well today.

The winds have been strong from the E & NE the past two days, providing
excellent conditions here for pelagic species.

Directions:  From the QEW in Hamilton, take the Hwy 20 exit, go north, turn
left at the North Service Rd, follow it around to the parking area near
Hutch's Restaurant.

Rob Dobos
Waterdown, Ont.
rob.dobos at ec.gc.ca

"Dobos,Rob [Burlington]" <Rob.Dobos at ec.gc.ca>

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