Counters needed for Hawk Cliff

Shay Redmond shayredmond at
Wed Aug 28 21:26:28 EDT 2002

Hawk Cliff, the longest operating Hawk Watch in Ontario, needs more
counters to cover weekdays from September 2 through November 15 this fall.

If you have experience counting raptors at Grimsby, Toronto, Oshawa,
Holiday Beach (or anywhere else) and can spare a day or two (or even more),
we could use your help. As with all hawk watches, we can't promise that
every day will be a good one, but on single days in the past few years
we've had as many as 99,000 Broad-winged Hawks,50 Osprey, 39 Peregrine
Falcons,  Bald Eagles  and  Golden Eagles.

Please check out the Hawk Cliff website for further details
Hawk Cliff is located on the shore of Lake Erie 12km south of St. Thomas
and 8km east of Port Stanley, about 35 minutes south of Hwy. 401. 

Mike Street, President of the Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch, is asking
members of NPH to help out since they may live closer to Hawk Cliff than
other experienced counters .

If you would like to count raptors at Hawk Cliff please contact me by email
at the address above or the telephone numbers below. Thanks to the
Coordinators of ONTBIRDS and BIRDHAWK for authorizing this message.

Thanks very much

Shay Redmond
London, Ontario.
Phone # 519.453.4288. ( home )
Mobile # 519.871.8025.
shayredmond at

Shay Redmond <shayredmond at>

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