Long-tailed Jaegers at Van Wagners Beach

Craig McLauchlan csam at sympatico.ca
Thu Aug 29 14:35:37 EDT 2002

Please Excuse my spelling ,I am Dyslexic
thank you for your understanding.

this morning at 10:35 , I had a adult Long tailed Jaeger flying out by
the wave tower from Vanwagners Beach , I  watch it for at lest 10 mints
,this was one of the best days I have spent at Van Wagners beach ! nice
worm east wind ,sun shine and shorts and sandals !!

Jaeger watching cant get much better than that !!

also seen Bonaparte's gull 6 ( all individuals ) red neck phalarope 1 ,
great black back gull 7

csam at sympatico.ca

Directions:  From the QEW in Hamilton, take the Hwy 20 exit, go north,
left at the North Service Rd, follow it around to the parking area near
Hutch's Restaurant.

Craig McLauchlan <csam at sympatico.ca>

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