Parasitic Jaegers at Van Wagner's

Bob & Glenda curry.slessor at
Thu Aug 29 21:20:56 EDT 2002


As winds were still easterly although not as strong as the last two days we
spent two hours at Van Wagner's Beach this evening from 5:00 'til 7:00.  It
was not until 6:50 that we finally had a "wolf pack" of four Parasitics (3
ad. 1 juv. all light morph) which put on a phenomenal show of aerobatics as
they harassed a few gulls for about ten minutes.  Not many other birds:
Red-necked phalarope 3, Bonaparte's Gull 2, Common tern 1, Greater Scaup 3,
Long-tailed Duck 1.

Directions:  From the QEW in Hamilton, take the Hwy 20 exit, go north, turn
left at the North Service Rd, follow it around to the parking area near
Hutch's Restaurant.

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