Glossy Ibis & Assorted Shorebirds - Grimsby Sewage Lagoons

Mike Boyd boydm at
Sat Aug 31 17:42:21 EDT 2002

Dear Fellow Birders

Went down to check out the Glossy Ibis at the Grimsby Sewage Lagoons around 4pm 
today, and found both of them at the far (2nd) holding pond amongst 12 species 
of shorebirds, however there might had been more as I didn't have a scope. 
Highlights were 2 White-rumped Sandpipers, 2 Golden Plovers, 2 Dowitcher sp., 
and 1 Dunlin, there were good numbers of the more common species though. Also 
present at the lagoons were 1 Bonaparte's Gull and several Blue & Green-winged 

Directions (as per Rob Dobos): Directions to the Grimsby Sewage Lagoon:
 From the QEW, heading east from Hamilton towards Niagara, take the Fifty
Rd. exit; go north to the North Service Rd.; turn right, go east to the
first road on the left which is at the end of the bend; turn left here (it
is Baseline Rd.); go past the entrance to Fifty Point C.A. then
past Kelson Ave. and just past the National Defence shooting range on your
left are the sewage lagoons.  Park well off the road on the shoulder and
walk up the laneway to the ponds.

Mike Boyd
Oakville, Ontario

Mike Boyd <boydm at>

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