Jaegers and Kittiwake at Hamilton

Jean Iron jeaniron at sympatico.ca
Sat Aug 31 21:55:09 EDT 2002


Late this afternoon on moderate east winds, we had five jaegers and a very 
early juvenile Black-legged Kittiwake at Van Wagners Beach in Hamilton. 
About 4 p.m. a light morph adult Parasitic Jaeger was chasing a Ring-billed 
Gull just offshore from Hutch's Resturant. It moved on to the north. About 
15 minutes later 2 light morph adult Parasitics flew cose to shore with one 
briefly pursuing a Ringbill. They also flew off to the north. Fifteen 
minutes later a juvenile Black-legged Kittiwake flew close by close to 
shore. This is our earliest fall record of a kittiwake. Over the next two 
hours we saw at least two unidentified juvenile jaegers.

Directions from an earlier post by Bob Curry and Glenda Slessor: From the 
QEW in Hamilton, take the Hwy 20 exit, go north, turn left at the North 
Service Rd, follow it around to the parking area near Hutch's Restaurant.

Happy Pelagic Birding,

Jean Iron and Ron Pittaway

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