Aylmer area shorebirds- Saturday P.M.

Doug White dwhite at odyssey.on.ca
Sun Sep 1 09:48:14 EDT 2002

Aylmer sewage lagoons, (Roger's Road)    1 juv. red-necked phalarope
Aylmer W.A./Police College         Black-bellied and Golden Plovers, lots of
shorebirds mostly Yellow-legs, 1 Dowitcher, a few peeps,  (but could be
something interesting with careful scanning amongst all the gulls, geese and
Rock Doves!)
>From #73 and Glencolin Road,(just north of Aylmer) go west to Roger's , turn
SOUTH for lagoons, or go east and turn NORTH, at first intersection for
Wildlfe Area.
Ann White
London Ontario Canada
dwhite at odyssey.on.ca

"Doug White" <dwhite at odyssey.on.ca>

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