White Pelican Still in West Hamilton

Ronald J. Fleming ronaldj..fleming at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 1 22:54:14 EDT 2002

Had excellent looks at the American White Pelican in Cootes Paradise
this morning (Sunday).  Also present were two Great Egrets, a nice
selection of shorebirds out by the tip of The Willows, and several
Caspian Terns.

Coming from the east, I took Hwy. 403 to the Highway 6 exit that goes
north toward Guelph, then turned left at the Esso station (this is York
Road).  Follow York Road a few kms then turn left on Old Guelph Road
(there is an odd-looking banquet building there).
Old Guelph Road eventually goes over the railway track; turn right just
past this little overpass and you are heading into the RBG Arboretum
property.  Park in the big circle, walk down the big hill past the
manicured gardens and get on the Captain Cootes Trail.
This is a pretty hilly trail.  Follow it past Bull's Point (in other
words, don't bother taking a left yet) until you get to the sign
indicating the Marsh Boardwalk.  Descend the long path and walk out
through the tall rushes to the little viewing platform.  My wife and I
had the pelican right there in a little bay.  If you have a scope you
can get some good looks at the shorebirds, terns, egrets, etc. out by
the tip of "the willows", which is the terminus of a much less
user-friendly trail on the south side of Cootes Paradise.

Ron Fleming, Newmarket

"Ronald J. Fleming" <ronaldj..fleming at sympatico.ca>

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