Windsor Ojibway Warblers - Sept. 10

fred urie fredurie at
Tue Sep 10 13:36:59 EDT 2002

It's good to be home. Species at Ojibway Nature Centre
on September 10 were:

Nashville 4
Tennessee 7
Chestnut-sided 7
Magnolia 6
Black-thr. Blue 3
Black-thr. Green 9
Blackburnian 5
Black and White 2
Am. Redstart 8
Ovenbird 1
Bay-breasted 2
Blackpoll 3
C. Yellowthroat 1

Directions: Drive west on the E.C Row Expressway, and
exit left at Matchette Road. Go past Broadway and 
Ojibway Nature Centre is on the right.

Good birding,
Fred Urie
fredurie at

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