WNY Dial-a-Bird 12 Sep 2002

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* New York
* Buffalo
* 09/12/2002
* NYBU0209.12

- Birds mentioned

  Please phone in any rare sightings so they 
  may be shared via the DAB telephone update 
  system, and submit email contributions directly 
  to dfsuggs at localnet.com.
  Thank you, David

  Eared Grebe
  White-winged Scoter
  Peregrine Falcon
  Forster's Tern
  Eastern Screech-Owl
  Olive-s. Flycatcher
  Hermit Thrush
  Chestnut-s. Warbler

- Transcript
  Hotline: Dial-a-Bird at the Buffalo Museum of Science
  Date:             09/12/2002
  Number:           716-896-1271
  To Report:        Same
  Compiler:         David F. Suggs (dfsuggs at localnet.com)
  Coverage:         Western New York and adjacent Ontario
  Transcriber:      David F. Suggs

  Thursday, September 12, 2002 

  Dial-a-Bird is a service provided by your Buffalo Museum of 
  Science and this answering system was donated by the Buffalo 
  Ornithological Society. Press (2) to leave a message, (3) 
  for updates, meeting and field trip information and (4) for 
  instructions on how to report sightings and use this system. 
  To contact the Science Museum, call 896-5200. 

  Highlights of reports received September 5 through September 
  12 from the Niagara Frontier Region include RED-NECKED 

  RED-NECKED PHALAROPES were reported at two locations this 
  week. On September 7, four RED-NECKED PHALAROPES were 
  counted on Lake Ontario off Golden Hill State Park in the 
  Town of Somerset, along with 2 WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS. 
  September 11, a single RED-NECKED PHALAROPE was at Tifft 
  Nature Preserve in Buffalo, very close to the north viewing 

  From Grand Island, a late report from September 4 noted 
  three interesting waterfowl records. At Sunken or Grass 
  Island, off Buckhorn Island State Park, a RING-NECKED DUCK, 
  about two weeks early, a CANVASBACK, almost a month early, 
  and a record late date for breeding PIED-BILLED GREBES, as 
  indicated by a young PIED-BILLED GREBE being fed by an 

  Also on Grand Island, a FORSTER'S TERN, September 6, on the 
  beach at Beaver Island State Park. 

  Other reports this week - At least one EARED GREBE still at 
  the Batavia Waste Water Plant. Immature PEREGRINE FALCON at 
  Bidwell Parkway in Buffalo. EASTERN SCREECH-OWL calling in a 
  North Tonawanda yard on Ruie Road, across from the Klydel 
  Wetlands Preserve. Migrant OLIVE-S. FLYCATCHER on Sour 
  Springs Road in the Iroquois Refuge. HERMIT THRUSH at 
  Chestnut Ridge Park in Orchard Park. And a deceased 
  CHESTNUT-S. WARBLER was found on a porch on Whitney Place in 

  Dial-a-Bird will be updated Thursday evening, September 19. 
  Please call in your sightings by noon Thursday. You may 
  report sightings after the tone. Thank you for calling and 
  reporting to Dial-a-Bird. 

- End Transcript
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