Major Swainson's Thrush migration over Guelph

Julie Cappleman jcapplem at
Sun Sep 15 21:49:48 EDT 2002


As I write, at 9.30pm on Sunday evening, there is a major nocturnal
migration of Swainson's Thrushes occurring over Guelph.  In the pauses
between traffic noise (we live close to downtown), the calls are verging on
continuous.  If the cloud cover associated with the weak cold front that is
almost stalled over south western Ontario continues until dawn, I suspect
that the traditional migrant traps may well see a substantial fall in the

This movement has continued for over an hour now.  The birds are quite high
and so far the only other species heard has been Spotted Sandpiper, but
other passerine species may well be involved.  If you have the time it may
be well worth your while checking your local migrant hot spot in the morning
- I will be!

Good luck and good birding

Dave Shepherd

Directions:  Downtown Guelph is downtown in Guelph!

Julie Cappleman <jcapplem at>

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