Ottawa - Swainson's Thrush migration

Tony Beck beck.tony at
Mon Sep 16 08:00:23 EDT 2002

Hi Ontbirders

. . .just to add to Dave Shepherd's observation from yesterday evening. . .

Here, near the shores of the Ottawa River (Andrew Hayden Park), last night,
about 11:30pm, I was wakened by the very loud (and persistent) calls of
migrating Swainson's Thrushes. I'm not sure how many.
I went outside for a few minuites to hear a few more calling. The entire
observation lasted for at least 5 minuites, and during that time I heard
approximately 15 - 18 calls before returning to bed. I could still clearly
hear them from inside the house before falling asleep.
It was very breezy last night, with winds coming directly north off the
river. I also noticed a couple of warbler (species ?) call notes mixed with
the thrushes. The Canada Geese were also very vocal last night, with flocks
moving in all directions.

Excuse me, but, I think I'll go birding now. . .



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