Ottawa - Thrush migration...and a mystery heron to check for

Christina Lewis weewa at
Mon Sep 16 22:59:21 EDT 2002

Hi Ontbirds people,

1) Adding to Tony Beck's note of this AM.....The migration of thrushes last
night over Ottawa continued into the wee hours. Between 11:30 and midnight,
and between 2 - 5:00 AM (slept for a couple of hours, OK?), innumerable
Swainson's Thrushes, a few Veerys and one Gray-cheeked Thrush were heard
calling as they headed south with a strong northern tail-wind.

2) A report of a POSSIBLE LITTLE BLUE HERON was called in to the Ottawa Bird
Status Line today. During a follow-up of this call, the observer gave a
careful description - smaller than a Great Blue Heron, wrong shape for
either Green or Black-crowned Night Heron, long thin neck, mostly slaty
blue-grey plumage, long uniformly bluish bill.  It was seen yesterday
evening (Sept. 15) around 6:00 PM at the east end of Mud Lake in the
Britannia Conservation Area.  It was NOT seen this by those who visited
Britannia around the same time today (Sept. 16), although there were several
Great Blue Herons & at least 5 Black-crowned Night Herons of varying ages on
the pond.

Any observations of a suspicious-looking heron in Britannia resembling the
above description would be appreciated. Please call the Ottawa
Field-Naturalists' Club Bird Status Line (613) 860-9000.  A Little Blue
Heron was last seen in the same location on August 14,
1998.......Considering the changeable weather conditions at this time of
year, and some of the interesting recent sightings locally & from elsewhere
in the province, anything is possible!

Good migrations,
Chris Lewis
weewa at

"Christina Lewis" <weewa at>

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