Snowy Egret Long Point 09 21 02

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Sun Sep 22 10:34:28 EDT 2002

Please Excuse my spelling ,I am Dyslexic
thank you for your understanding.

Sorry for the light post I just woke up

Yesterday Tim Foran ,Tom Thomas and my self  tuck the drive down to Hawk
Cliff to see what wood fly by with the wrong winds ,We picket the right
day (this being my first time their ) for it was their open house and
their was a good number of birds pass by ( see previously posted #)
thanks to all for their hospitality .

On our way back we stop in to Long Point to see if we could find some
Warblers what we came up with at the banding station, Prairie Warbler
1,Magnolia , Palm warbler and A. Redstart .

But at Big Creek March some high lights wear, Snowy Egret 1, Sandhill
Cranes 4 (1 juv.) , Bald Eagle 1 adult , A. Bittern 1 , their wear lots
of  W. Snipe and 4 N. Harrier.

But in on the  hole day ( and we counted every one we saw) we could only
find 18 A.Crows!?

Long point is found south of Simcoe follow # 24 south to # 59 and again
south to the point .

csam at

Craig McLauchlan <csam at>

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