109 species at Presqu'ile

Doug McRae rdmcrae at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 3 22:00:47 EDT 2002

Hi Ontbirders,

Bruce DiLabio and I made a half-hearted effort at an October Big Day at
Presqu'ile and ended up with 109 species.  We started at 645 am and
ended at 730 pm (with breaks for lunch and dinner) and spent the entire
birding effort on the peninsula.  There was nothing truly rare seen but
we did end up with several high counts.  There was a tremendous flight
of passerines - especially White-throated Sparrows and Myrtle Warblers -
in the first few hours of daylight.  Highlights included 5 Great Egrets,
an immature Bald Eagle, 17 species of shorebirds with the best being
finds being 2 Golden Plover, 2 Spotted, 1 Knot, 1 Baird's, and1 Stilt, 1
Bg Gnatcatcher, 12 species of warblers including 1 Orange-crowned, 3
Parula, 2 Pine, and 3 Blackpoll, 3 Lapland Longspur, and 30 Rusty
Blackbird.  Some high counts included 37 Horned Grebe (yet no loons
seen), 12 Harriers moving WSW off Owen Pt, 120 E. Phoebe, 250 American
Pipit, 20 BtBlue Warbler, 3000+ Myrtle (there must have been tens of
thousands in the entire park today), 70 Palm Warbler, and 1000+
White-throated Sparrow (like Myrtle's, we only saw a fraction of what
was present).

Directions:  Presqu'ile Provincial Park is on the north shore of Lake
Ontario, and can be found by leaving Hwy 401 at the Brighton exit at Hwy
30.  Take Hwy 30 south through the town of Brighton and follow  the road
signs to the park.

Doug McRae

Doug McRae <rdmcrae at sympatico.ca>

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