Algonquin: misc sightings.

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Fri Oct 4 21:49:49 EDT 2002

A trip to Algonquin to view the Fall colours (they were at, or very close
to, their peak) yielded some nice bird sightings as well as the obligatory
Spruce Grouse, on Opeongo Road. Very friendly Gray Jays were also here
Horned Larks and Lincoln & White Crowned Sparrows at Costello picnic area.
American Pippit near Logging Museum.
Young Bohemian Waxwings at Cache Lake, (plus many kinglets).
Common Loon on Tea Lake (one of several seen on this trip).

In my garden today, in Concord, when I returned home, were many kinglets of
both species plus a nicely plumaged Black Throated Green Warbler. Also
popping up, surprisingly, was a Rose Breasted Grosbeak. Also present in
addition to the regulars were: Hairy Woodpecker, Flicker, two Sapsuckers,
White Crowned and White Throated Sparrows and a Swainsons Thrush.
The Screech Owl, reported in my previous post, called again this evening.

Concord is just north of Toronto, near Richmond Hill.

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