White Pelican, Western Grebe, etc - Hamilton

Mike Boyd boydm at uoguelph.ca
Sat Oct 5 17:41:42 EDT 2002

Dear Fellow Birders

The Wildlife Club from the University of Guelph did a birding trip today to 
Hamilton in search of some of the rarities reported recently. While we DID NOT 
see the Brown Pelican despite much searching, we were happy to get the Western 
Grebe at LaSalle first thing this morning, also there were a Pied-billed Grebe 
and Ring-necked Duck. At the CCIW there were no Brant by noon or so, however 
there was 2 female Hooded Mergansers as well as a Peregrine Falcon. There were 
also 3 Ruddy Ducks, a Shoveller, and Green-winged Teal at the Tollgate ponds. 
Cootes Paradise had the White Pelican which was only seen briefly, however 
there were also 3 Great Egrets, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, a Parula, Blackpoll, 
Yellow-rump, and Black-throated Green Warblers, and Blue-headed Vireo.

Mike Boyd

Directions: LaSalle Marina - it is located at the end of Waterdown Rd on 
Hamilton Harbour in Burlington
CCIW - Exit the QEW at Eastport Drive just before the Skyway Bridge and turn 
right at the first lights and it is right there.
Tollgate Ponds - Continue along Eastport Drive and it was snake backandforth 
under the QEW and they will be on the right hand side along Hamilton Harbour.
Cootes Paradise Exit the 403 at Hwy 6 north and then turn right at York Rd and 
follow this until you pass under train tracks and there will be a small parking 
lot on your left hand side and you can access Cootes Paradise from here.

Mike Boyd
Guelph, Ontario
Mike Boyd <boydm at uoguelph.ca>

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