Grebe Bag at Hamilton Harbour

burton at burton at
Sat Oct 5 22:11:12 EDT 2002

2 Western Grebes where still there at 6pm opposite Burlington Golf Club
on a line between LaSalle Marina and the Cormorant roost island (with
the roosting poles). A Red Necked Grebe remained around the islands all
day, along with 3 Brant. A Pied Billed Grebe stayed close to the north
shore between Allview Ave and the east end of LaSalle Park. 3 Horned
Grebes tended to be seen out in the middle like the Westerns. Possible
for a 4 bagger Grebe day.

10 hours of birding Hamilton Harbour did not yield me a Brown Pelican.
With strong winds from the remains of hurricane Lilli coming in from
Indiana, it would seem extremely unlikely that our bird went south-west

Dan Burton,

burton at

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