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This afternoon (Sat., Oct. 5) my wife Sharron and I found a juvenile =
Brown Pelican in Athol Bay at Sandbanks Provincial Park. At about 4:30 =
it flew along the shore west past the entrance to the Woodlands =
Campground. At 5:00 it was sitting on a rock shelf on the edge of the =
water at West Point. In both cases we were less than 25 m from the bird.

To get to Sandbanks Provincial Park from Highway 401 go south on the =
Wooler Road (Exit 522) to Highway 33 and on to Bloomfield or south on =
Highway  62 (Exit 543) through Belleville to Bloomfield. Follow the =
signs to Sandbanks Provincial Park. From the park entrance turn right on =
County Road 12 along the shore of Athol Bay. The entrance to the =
Woodlands Campground is about 1/2 k along the road.  Continue along Cty =
Rd 12 to a Stop sign. Turn right; West Point is at the end of the road.

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