Mark Cranford mark.cranford at
Sun Oct 6 09:53:07 EDT 2002

Hi Birders

A new virus named BUGBEAR has infected a number of machines that receive
ONTBIRDS messages. This virus replicates itself by sending emails with an
attachment to email address found on the infected machine. The message can
look legit using a header the virus finds in the email software's inbox on
an infected machine. The return email it uses is a fraud using the first
part of the email address with a phoney ISP.

At least one virus attack used a message sent to ONTBIRDS six months ago to
disguise itself.

We can save ourselves a lot of grief if we regularly empty the email
software's inbox. Messages that you would like to save should be moved to a
new mail box.  Filtering messages to an Ontbirds mailbox within your
software is a convenient way of doing this automatically.

In closing ONTBIRD messages coming from ontbirds at CANNOT contain
this virus because we exclude attachments. There are other birding lists
that do permit attachments and could be vulnerable to this type of virus.
I reccommend that everyone maintain a clean inbox and avoid opening emails
with unexpected attachments. Up to date anti virus software is also

Now where was that Black Vulture....
Mark Cranford
ONTBIRDS Coordinator
Mississauga, Ontario
Mark.Cranford at
Mark Cranford <mark.cranford at>

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