Peregrines and migrants at Rondeau Park

Blake A. Mann boatmann at
Sun Oct 6 14:10:46 EDT 2002

The last few days have been quite birdy in Rondeau and area.  Today (Sunday)
I walked out Marsh Trail and noted several hundred sparrows of several
species, raptors, and warblers.  White-throated were the most numerous,
probably numbering about 400 on Marsh Trail alone.  Mixed with them were
White-crowned, Lincoln's, Chipping, Field, Song, Swamp, and Juncos.  Just
after 10 a.m. I noted 3 Peregrine Falcons together in flight, then a third a
little later on.  Also noted were 75 Turkey Vultures, 2 Merlin, 2
Red-tailed, 6 Sharp-shinned, 2 Bald Eagles, and 1 Osprey.  Other birds
included 2 imm. Indigo Buntings, 6 Orange-crowned Warblers, 1 Greater
Yellowlegs, 20 Phoebes, 1 Pipit, and 9 other species of warblers.
Friday I birded the park and Blenheim Lagoons and came up with 91 species
(13 species warblers, 1 Wilson's Phalarope, Long-billed Dowitchers, and
others).  Well over 100 species in the last couple of days.

Rondeau Park=south end of Chatham Kent Rd. 15.  Entrance fee.
Chatham-Kent, Ont.
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