Osprey in Toronto

randy horvath snorovich at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 21 08:30:22 EDT 2002

It's been so long since I've been birding, I'm not
sure if this is worth mentioning or not, but at 9:45
a.m. yesterday, while busing west on Lawrence Avenue
through Weston, I observed an Osprey flying along the
Humber River. I had great, albeit brief, looks at it.
It hovered for a bit, so it was obviously looking to
feed as it migrated. I noticed the High Park raptor
watch didn't record an Osprey this past week, so
perhaps this was a good bird for this time of year in
Toronto? (I have so much to learn.)
   Good birding everyone.

      Randy Horvath
      snorovich at yahoo.com
      Windsor (usually!)

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