Hudsonian Godwit -- Hamilton

carl rothfels crothfels at
Wed Oct 23 09:44:32 EDT 2002

greetings all.

There was a lone Hudsonian Godwit in Cootes Paradise this morning. 
It was feeding along the edge of the mudflat that has formed in the
bay between Princess Point and hwy 403.

Also present were a couple small flocks of smaller shorebirds
(Dunlin?), lots of ducks (teal, shovelor, wigeon, etc), and a large
flock of roosting gulls.

As of yesterday there were at least 3 Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrows
in the vegetation at the w. end of Cootes.  See earlier posts.

Princess Point has a large parking lot and is found at the end of
Longwood Av. in Hamilton.  Coming w. on the 403, take the 2ND Main
St. exit (main w.).  Turn right at the lights (main), then left at
the 2nd lights (Longwood).  

Carl Rothfels.  Royal Botanical Gardens.

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carl rothfels <crothfels at>

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