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Tue Oct 29 09:04:01 EST 2002

Good Morning birders,
I have just received confirmation from the birding site that the bird seen 
yesterday, and this a.m.
is indeed a TROPICAL KINGBIRD------watchers heard it call !
The bird showed at 8:am in the same location [see below]. It is 
feeding/flying into tomato fields
and nearby trees.
Dress warmly if coming down, the winds off the Bay are very cold today, and 
rain is predicted.
Good luck-------------Irene Woods

  Directions:  There are a few ways to get to this place.  I'll give the
  easiest for those coming from the east.  Blenheim is located between 
  and Rondeau Park.  Exit the 401 at what they used to call Hwy. 40.  Go 
  to Blenheim.  At the main street in Blenheim (the stop light) turn right 
  west.  Go out of Blenheim on this road (what they used to call Hwy.3) for
  approx. 1 km.  Turn left (south) on the Lagoon Road.  There is a car wash
  and a Chinese restaurant at this corner.   Continue south on Lagoon Road,
  past the Bisnett Rd., almost to Rondeau Bay.  The bird was hunting over 
  creek that runs parallel to the road between the houses with 911 numbers:
  18349 and 18341.  **** THIS ROAD IS VERY NARROW and has a few houses very
  close to it near where the bird was.  I talked to the owner of  the house
  closest to the road (I think it was 18349) and he was very interested and
  pleasant.  His wife even brought out a camcorder in case we refound the
  bird.  Us locals would like to keep this good reputation with the area
  residents, so I ask that everyone parks responsibly and stays off of the
  adjacent land.  The bird was seen at all times from the road as it hunted
  over top of the creek.
  Steve Charbonneau
  Erie Beach in Chatham-Kent, Ontario
  steve.charbonneau2 at

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