Still present today -Harlequins, White-fronteds, Kettle Point area, Lambton Co.

Doug White dwhite at
Wed Nov 27 15:04:40 EST 2002

Today I was at Kettle Point, and after 3/4 hour wait saw the Harlequin pair
swimming quite close. ( A beautiful male). On the way I passed the Arkona
pond where the 2 White-Fronted Geese were still present. I returned by
Thedford sewage lagoons where there was a "Baker's Dozen" of assorted Snow
Geese, ( Sounds like Tim's  donuts) , whites slightly outnumbering Blues. No
Ross's around. Two eagles near Pat's Point, a female Harrier catching a
mouse and a Swamp Sparrow that shared my vigil by the lake, almost to my
feet, were other interests of the morning.
Ann White
London Ontario Canada
dwhite at

"Doug White" <dwhite at>

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