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Sat Nov 30 13:21:18 EST 2002

Hello again everyone,
At 9:45 this morning (Saturday), I was able to locate the TROPICAL KINGBIRD
along the old train tracks near Erieau.  The strong west winds were blowing
rain, then sleet, then snow with temperatures around 4 degrees Celcius.
Tomorrow, as you well know, begins the winter season and some of the
diehards may want to venture this way to add to their winter list.  The
forecast calls for another cold night, temperatures around -5 degrees, with
possible blowing snow.  Quite frankly, it sounds like a lousy day tomorrow.
Right now, there is no snow cover here at all.  If you are planning to come,
I don't feel that the bird will be active much before 10:00.  It will
probably be out of the wind, low in the trees that border the marsh between
Lagoon Rd. and the Erieau Rd.  It could possibly be viewed from Lagoon Rd.,
but may be more easily found by walking in from the pathway that begins near
the Erieau sign.
Other notable birds in the area include:
2 male EURASIAN WIGEON(best seen from Erieau at the foot of Second St.)
3 KILLDEER (on the mud and rocks at the end of Lagoon Rd.)
2 DUNLIN (Blenheim Sewage Lagoons- permit required)
up to 3 PURPLE SANDPIPERS (seen off and on, on the rocks across from the
Erieau pier)
Directions:  Exit the 401 at what they used to call Hwy. 40, exit 90.  Go
south to Blenheim.  At the main street in Blenheim (the stop light) turn
right or west.  Go out of Blenheim on this road (what they used to call
Hwy.3) for
approx. 2 km.  Turn left (southeast) on the Erieau Rd.  Follow it to
McGeachy's Pond (on your right just before the Erieau sign).  Continue on
until you see the small tower along the lake-side.  There is a small gravel
parking lot in front.  Park here and walk 150 metres or so further up Erieau
Rd., until you see a laneway on your left.  This begins the trail that
follows the willow treeline all the way down to the creek on Lagoon Rd. If
it is not seen, you could always go back to Lagoon Rd. to check there.  Go
back 2 km northwest on Erieau Rd., turn right on the Bisnett Line for 1 km,
right again on Lagoon Rd. The bird particularly likes the poplars and the
wires between houses 18349 and 18335.
Good luck, and I may see some of you in the morning.
Steve Charbonneau
Erie Beach in Chatham-Kent, Ontario
steve.charbonneau2 at

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