2 White-fronted Geese Arkona & other birds

Blake Mann boatmann at kent.net
Sat Nov 30 14:41:22 EST 2002

Hi Birders,
The two WHITE-FRONTED GEESE are still at Rumboldt's Pond south of the
village of Arkona in Lambton County.  It is a small pond (viewed from road),
but there are hundreds of Canada Geese here, and the two white-fronts are
hard to pick out.  It took me until my second pass to pick them out.
At Kettle Point ("Pat's Point") this morning, there was a good NNW wind, but
nothing notable except a probable "NELSON'S" GULL (2nd winter).  At least
that's what Alf and I thought.  Two adult Glaucous Gulls were also at the
point, as well as an immature Bald Eagle.  Ducks included Surf Scoters, and
other common species.  Two Red-throated Loons flew by at a distance.  The
Harlequin pair has not been seen at R & R Marina for a few days.
At Thedford Lagoons, were at least 8 Snow Geese.
To get to these points, exit hwy 402 at hwy 79 for Arkona and Thedford.
Rumboldt's Pond is just south of Arkona on the west side.  Thedford is
further up hwy 79, and the lagoons are just north of town on the right side.
Continue on 79 to Port Franks at hwy 21 and turn left.  Watch for signs to
Kettle Point.
Blake A. Mann
Chatham-Kent, Ont.
email:  boatmann at kent.net

"Blake Mann" <boatmann at kent.net>

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