Yellow rumped warbler still in Gowganda , Temiskaming. North

Paul and Gert Trudel trudel at
Sun Dec 1 13:04:23 EST 2002

The yellow r.w. is still here . He spends most of the day feeding at the
'fresh' suet from the meat market.  This feeding station is less than 10 ft.
from my window in the lower branches of a 40 ft. pine.
Since my last report I have been able to view him/her in all kinds of
lighting and now see that it is a rich brown colour and not grey (
previously seen  in late afternoon light) .
It has the tinge of  dull , buff yellow in front of its wings and down each
side of it's throat beginning at the lower beak.
It does not have any yellow on its crown.

If any of you have suggestions to what else I can put out for him I would
appreciate it. Please e-mail me privately.
Sincerely , Gert Trudel
Gowganda, Ont.
7 hours North of Toronto via HWY 11
trudel at

"Paul and Gert Trudel" <trudel at>

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