ROSS'S GULL - Niagara River

Willie D'Anna & Betsy Potter dannapotter at
Sun Dec 1 17:43:23 EST 2002

Congratulations to Ron Scovell and the South Peel Naturalists on their
discovery of an adult ROSS'S GULL in winter plumage at the base of Niagara
Falls, today, Sunday.  They found the bird around noon and it was seen until
at least 3:20 pm when we left it.  The bird seemed to have a preference for
feeding in or near the mist of the Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls.
Unfortunately, the bird did not stay on the water long when it landed so I
was unable to take any photos.  Depending on wind and mist conditions, it
could probably be seen fairly well from Goat Island if it resumes the same
feeding pattern.  On the Canadian side, the options are to pay $10 ($7 US)
and park across the road from Table Rock (brink of Horseshoe Falls), or to
park at the Dufferin Islands Nature area for free and walk downriver
(perhaps a mile).

At the base of the American Falls was the first winter BLACK-LEGGED

Two CALIFORNIA GULLS were seen at the power plants from the Adam Beck
overlooks - the third winter bird plus an adult.  Also there, was a
second-winter white-winged gull that I believe was a small Glaucous Gull.
The other possibility is a Glaucous Gull with some Herring Gull genes in it.

LOTS of large and small gulls on the river.  Several ICELAND and LESSER
BLACK-BACKEDS, a few THAYER'S-types.  I heard no reports of Little Gull or
Black-headed Gull though these birds could well have been seen at the
flypast at dusk, and possibly elsewhere.  There were also no reports of the
Laughing Gull off of Beaver Island State Park.

Great gulling!
Willie D'Anna
Betsy Potter
Niagara Falls, N.Y.
dannapotter at

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