Great Horned Owls & Carolina Wren in Thickson's Woods, Whitby, Saturday, January 18

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Sun Jan 19 09:34:45 EST 2003

    Last evening just before dusk we observed the resident pair of Great
Horned Owls in Thickson's Woods copulating on a liimb high in the top of a
large maple.  It would appear the breeding season is under way for this
species in this part of the province.
    A very elusive, probably female, Carolina Wren visits our feeder fairly
regulalry.  The only vocalization is the soft "cher" call, which a female
often uses in response  to more extensive vocalizations by a male.  At the
moment no male seems to be present.
    A male Northern Flicker is a regular visitor, feeding on suet at the
feeder on the west side of our house.

    To reach Thickson's Woods exit from 401 to Thickson Road South in
Whitby.  Proceed south past Wentworth Street to the Waterfront Trail.  Turn
left, turn around and park on the north side of the road.  Enter the woods
on a path from
the south side, about 200 metres east of Thickson Road.  Follow the trails
through the woods, some of which access the Lake Ontario shore.  To view the
beaver pond and Corbett Creek Marsh continue east about 100 metres past the
entrance to the woods.  The meadow is across the Waterfront Trail
immediately north of the woods. The entrance is directly across the
waterfront trail from the entrance to the woods.  To view a map,
visit the Thickson's Woods website at

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